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Juneau County EDC and Greater Mauston JEM Grant Proposal 2016


Greater Mauston JEM Grant

The Juneau County EDC, the Mauston Room Tax Committee and Social Energizer, LLC are seeking a $40,000 JEM (Joint Effort Marketing) Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to support a  2016 tourism campaign to promote the Greater Mauston region. We are seeking the support and involvement of at least two partners to join with Mauston in this campaign, designed to stimulate tourism not only in Mauston but also throughout Juneau County.


In 2015, Social Energizer, working closely with the Mauston Room Tax Committee, focused on creating the Greater Mauston brand and doing the preliminary work on promoting that brand in order to draw more visitors to the area.

Basic building blocks included working with community leaders to uncover the area’s strengths and weaknesses as a destination, creating the infrastructure for a regional approach to tourism, social media basics, state-co-op advertising and a wave of seasonal surveys to better understand the area’s brand through the eyes of the visitors. At the same time, marketing opportunities, especially digital channels, were established or enhanced and used to promote messaging that was built on the brand.

Greater Mauston Brand:

Mauston’s brand is based on the outdoors and on the recreational and leisure activities that can be easily accessed using Mauston as the hub. Mauston’s differentiating appeal revolves around it being a strategic location for families, couples and extended families to enjoy the water-based assets in the area, including two large lakes and a river, and participate in many outdoor activities such as biking and hiking, horseback riding, snowmobiling, and family/youth sports. Unique wildlife viewing can be found throughout the area, in any season, with special opportunities to be found at Necedah Wildlife Refuge. Camping can be found nearby at New Lisbon, Buckhorn State Park and various other campgrounds. Castle Rock Lake and Petenwell Lakes offer superior opportunities for boating and fishing.

Reinforced by the surveys of visitors, we created visual and text messaging built around:

Greater Mauston Finds You … Naturally Connected was used as the main brand message.

2016 JEM Grant 

In 2016, we are building upon the relationships and survey research from 2015 to seek a Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Destination Grant from Wisconsin to promote the Greater Mauston area.

We are seeking partners for this late spring/early summer campaign to join with Mauston and the Juneau County EDC. To receive full benefits from the grant, 4 participating communities or organizations are required. Partnerships may be scaled to include a variety of ways for partners to participate. (Please contact Lynn Rasmussen, Social Energizer at 920-450-5559 or by email [email protected] for more information).

More detailed campaign information will be forthcoming after the application has been accepted by the state. The campaign will be scaled based on funding and committed partners. Support will be sought in a variety of forms, including in-kind time/materials, revenue or a mixture of both.

We are hoping you will join us in supporting this first major step in tourism promotion and in stimulating the kind of regional tourism growth that we know is possible.


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  1. Debby on February 22, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Someone should start pushing the fact that Castle Rock Park has swimming, park/play area, etc, because many who drive through the area have kids that need to be entertained. Maybe bring in some summer sports at the park such as volleyball tournaments, horseshoe, etc. Come on, I know you can do this. Oh, and one more thing…make some of the fools speeding through the back roads slow the heck down. Wouldn’t want to bring my family down roads to look at wildlife, trees, birds, when someone is coming up behind you 20+ mph faster than they should be going.

    • Your Friends from Mauston on February 22, 2016 at 5:18 pm

      Great idea, Debby! We’ll add it to our list of blogs to write this year. Watch for it in late May or early June. In fact, we have some great photos from last year’s Waterfest, when we did surveys of the event. They’ll make for an easier blog. And during Waterfest activities like volleyball tournaments, horseshoes, and giant Jenga were some of the things that many people were participating in. That is a great event and a great park!

      Though we’re not in charge of drivers in the area, hopefully the Juneau County police watch our blog and will act on your tip to keep people at reasonable speeds. Yes, everyone, Slow down! Go slow and take in the scenery. It’s beautiful out there!

      Thanks for leaving the note! We appreciate the feedback!

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