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Land Leases Sought by Offroad Group in Juneau County

The Greater Mauston Tourism Association (GMTA) is working with leaders from the Wisconsin Offroad 4×4 community (WOHVA and W4WDA). Their goal is to find land opportunities and create an Offroad Group in Juneau County. 

Note that these photos were taken on the Rubicon. There is a lot of Juneau County land that is very similar in nature and would offer great Offroading Opportunities. If you own or know of land that would be available for this please let us know! Contact info is below.
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Type of Land

The type of land being sought is often referred to by farmers and landowners as unusable. What they like best is dry, rocky, hilly surfaces often found adjacent to farm fields. The hilly area southwest of Mauston would be a prime location. 

Miles vs Acres

The goal is to start with a few acres (about 200 acres to start) that would present good opportunities for challenging trails and increase the number of trails with partnerships with nearby landowners. With the right land, sufficient suitable and sustainable trails could be developed without changing or affecting the use of the property for its primary purposes.

Private not Public

Unlike ATV trails, offroading trails can be kept private to maintain control and supervision of the land. This allows the offroad clubs to police their members while using the land.

Land Use Frequency

Initially, it is expected that members would use the land only a few times a year for events that include all of their members (about 200 members) and about ten times per year for smaller groups of ‘trail build’ members.

Scheduling may be flexible to avoid use when owner requires land to be free of others for planting or hunting purposes.

Land Use Sub-leasing

Sub-lease funds are available from the clubs in the form of annual payments based on trail length, contiguous trails and quality of trails.

Liability Insurance

Clubs have liability insurance in place that cover land or crop damage and accidents or injuries of members. Policies will be available for review.

Economic Impact

From a local economic perspective, it is estimated that each individual member would spend an average of $566 per day with purchases on lodging, food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, gas, etc. This positively impacts the local economy and helps ease the local tax base.


75% male apx 40 years of age.
Avg 6 trips per year
30% household income $41,000 – $60,000
24% household income $61,000 – $80,000
60% have post-secondary education
62% of the trips were overnight trips to include some form of lodging, camping or secondary homes
Average 3 nights per trip
Over 50% did not have children under the age of 15
Other trip related activities include: Shopping, Dining, Visiting family/friends, Festivals, Water related sports, Casino’s and Museums & Historical sites

Interested parties are asked to call or email:

Lynn Rasmussen 920-450-5559,
email [email protected] (working on behalf of the GMTA)

Joel Kasper 920-277-9312,
email [email protected]

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