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Outdoors Forever Creates A New Lemonweir River Landing

Wild Rice on the Lemonweir River near Mauston, WIA new canoe and kayak landing has been created by Outdoors Forever and made possible with grants from local businesses and associations, including the Greater Mauston Tourism Association (GMTA). 

It offers a new way for paddlers to access the Lemonweir River and Lake Decorah through a slough that runs adjacent to the river.

Traveling west from Mauston to New Lisbon on Highway 12/16, you will cross Brewer Creek on a bridge after about a mile and quickly come to a driveway to your right. That driveway has an Outdoors Forever sign after you have traveled about 100 feet.  Follow the road north about a quarter of a mile to the slough. The canoe/kayak put-in spot is marked with a bright orange ribbon hanging in a tree. Water time is about two hours of steady paddling, but allow for extra time if you are going to be bird watching or fishing.

What You’ll See:

Since the first part of this paddle is quite forested, you are likely to see a lot of Blackbirds, Blue Jays, King Fishers, Blue Herons, Bitterns, Woodpeckers and various wrens. On the water, you’ll see ducks that are trying to harvest wild rice.  After going around the bluff on the right bank (river right) you come to Lake Decorah where you are likely to see more Puddle Ducks and migrating Red Wing Blackbir

Lemonweir River near Mauston, WI


Parking and Take-Out:

Parking is available at the put-in at the slough on the Outdoors Forever property where there are a couple of acres of open land. The take-out place can be at either the boat landing at the western most section of Lake Decorah adjacent to Highway 12/16 or further downstream at Mauston’s Riverside Park.


From the put-in out through the slough and into the Lemonweir River is very weedy but manageable. When you exit the slough into the river continue in the open channel downstream in an easterly direction to your right.  Look at the submerged weeds to see which direction the river is flowing; the weeds will point downstream.

When you get to the Little Bluff on the right-hand side, paddle along the western or right-hand shore. As you go around Little Bluff, you probably will see the Catholic church steeple about a mile and a half downstream.  From this point work your way through the open channels that meander through the weedy sections of Lake Decorah.

In windy conditions, it’s best to paddle close to the righthand bank along Highway 12/16 and then along the mobile home court, staying near the western or right-hand shore of Lake Decorah down to Riverside Park.

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