The City of Mauston

The Mauston community takes pride in its natural features by providing phenomenal parks and pedestrian trail systems. You will enjoy the riverwalk, fishing pier, trails and lookouts up on Mile Bluff. For the passive recreation enthusiast, Mauston has several little hidden finds waiting to be uncovered. Whether you are a photographer, geocacher, fisherman, canoeist, motorcyclist or country driver, the variety of discoveries from round barns, to the scenic spillway and pedestrian bridge, to the tipped cow, or the evergreen mansion will all capture your intrigue.

The City of Mauston provides a natural destination and oasis for travelers to rest, restock their supplies, and access amenities before and after exploring the surrounding rural and nature areas. The community has always boasted about being the halfway point between Chicago and the Twin Cities, or even Madison and La Crosse, for that matter. With amenities right off Interstate 90/94, Mauston is all about ease of access. You will find a brand name grocer, multiple retail chains, hotels, fuel, fast food, as well as some local flavor pizzerias, deli’s, and bars. The community serves as a hub for the region with its hospital, an incredible library, and an up and coming fairgrounds.

The city was founded by Milton M. Maugh and had the original name of Maughs Town after the founder. The city’s beginning was based on the lumber industry of early Wisconsin. Incorporated in 1887, the city today has a population of 4,500.

Mauston is more than just an in and out location. Remember it is as far as you can get away from the Cities. Leave in any other direction you are headed back to the hustle and bustle. So come, relax, stop off, and get away.


  • Population about 4500
  • Located on the Lemonweir River

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