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North American Shed Hunters Club

Located just outside of Mauston, the North American Shed Hunters Club is a rare outdoor enthusiast museum located in Lyndon Station, Wisconsin. The North American Shed Hunters Club (NASHC) was founded in 1991 and later purchased by the Miller family in 2001. The organization promotes one of the newest outdoorsman sports, shed hunting, and showcases some of the record holding sheds right in their facility in Lyndon Station.

About the North American Shed Hunters Club

NASHC is an official organization that recognizes and records all big game sheds in North America. The organization has well over 1,000 members that come from each of the continental states making this sport a nationwide pastime. The organization has members who travel the United States and into Canada in search of sheds ranging from moose to mule deer.

Shed hunting is great family fun for people of all ages, and it can be done year round without a license. Shed hunting can be done virtually anywhere and naturally connects people to nature making it a great outdoor activity for families to enjoy. You can take part in shed hunting when traveling through Mauston after visiting the museum, or while visiting other areas of the state. The NASHC houses sheds found by people of all ages and records these prize-winning pieces of nature in the record book. The NASHC also provides a certificate to the lucky owner of the shed.

NASHC has made shed hunting a popular and ecofriendly hunting sport that promotes renewable energy and the recycling of nature. This big game hunting sport can be enjoyed all year round and for some of the best finds during the winter months, depending on where you live. Sheds can be found all over the woods, near rivers, if you look you are bound to find a winner! Shed hunters have the best luck near the edges of fields and deep in quiet wooded areas.

Organization and Contact Information

To join the club or to learn more about some best shed hunting practices, visit or call (608) 666-2071. Be sure to stop at the North American Shed Hunters Club when visiting Lyndon Station and the Mauston area, there are exciting things to see, you might even find a new hobby!





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