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Oak School Amish Shop

Oak School Amish Shop is an Amish specialty shop that features handcrafted furniture, food and gifts located just outside of Mauston, Wisconsin. The shop is tucked away in a one-room schoolhouse just off Hwy 82, east of Mauston, on county HH. The shop ensures the highest quality products are offered, living up to the motto, “quality products built from the hands and the hearts of the Amish”. Though the school has a deep history dating back to the year 1866, the furniture and gifts purchased here will fit well into today’s trendiest homes.

Have a special furniture design you’d like created? Speak with Nancy, the owner, to see if she can work out a commissioned piece with her Amish furniture makers. As Nancy regularly travels the state to procure the Amish-made treasures she offers, she knows just the right craftspeople to tackle your design challenge and can handle the details for you!

About Oak School Amish Shop

Oak School Amish Shop is a specialty shop that carries a wide variety of handcrafted items designed and built by the Amish.The products that are sold at Oak School Amish Shop are all handcrafted from solid oak, cherry, walnut, maple or pine making each of the products unique and one of a kind. Amish craftsmen handcraft products of all shapes and sizes with one thing in mind, quality.

Handcrafted Products

Oak School Amish Shop also sells Amish crafted storage sheds and gazebos. Furniture crafted by the Amish is of the highest quality that can be found, as is true for all of the products carried in the shop. The shop features gifts for all ages, ranging from wooden toys for children to handmade quilts, wooden baskets, bird feeders, bird houses and so much more. Heirloom furniture and beautifully crafted storage sheds are some of the best selling products at the Oak School Amish Shop, but there is so much more to be found in the shop.

Inside Oak School Amish Shop

The Amish Bakery

The Amish bakery sells tasty treats to visitors during the summer months, June through September. On select weekends, the shop features a wide variety of baked goods from Amish crafters in the community. The shop consistently carries different candies, jams, noodles and so much more throughout the year. For the Amish bakery schedule please contact Nancy at the phone number below.

Contact and Delivery Information

Oak School Amish Shop provides delivery services for furniture of all sizes and the handcrafted storage sheds as well. To contact the shop, please call (608) 847-6767 or visit

Hours of Operation 

Summer & Fall Hours

Friday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Thursday & Saturday: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Winter Hours

January through April

Saturday: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Or by appointment

Phone: 608-847-6767

Email: [email protected]

Website: Open Website

Address: N4359 County Road HH, Mauston WI 53948

Price range: