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Miller’s General Store

Miller’s General Store is a family-owned and operated grocery store located in Lyndon Station, Wisconsin. The award winning grocery store has a rich history dating back to the year 1857 making the establishment one of the oldest grocery stores in the state of Wisconsin.  General stores across the country are part of a unique family that share a great history surrounding their communities.  As big box stores and Amazon take over so much of retail, general stores invite you to experience a destination shopping experience filled with America’s rich history . When you find yourself visiting Juneau County or the Mauston area, visiting Miller’s Grocery and General Store is an absolute must!

About Miller’s General Store

Miller’s General Store was expanded in the year 1977 when the Miller family took ownership over the local grocery store. With this expansion, the grocery store became a general store that still provides customers with a historic general store shopping experience and memorable customer service that the Miller family brought to the area over thirty years ago. The general store is at the heart of the community and is sure to welcome you with open arms!

What You Can Find

Stopping into Miller’s General Store will provide you with everyday cooking essentials for some of your best-loved family recipes. The general store is a great place to go when preparing for family and group events. Platters ranging from cheese trays, fruit trays, and vegetable trays can be purchased, and special orders can be placed over the phone.

If you aren’t stopping in to check out the large selection at the grocery store, you can find gifts and day-to-day necessities at the general store. After your stop at Miller’s General Store you can visit the North American Shed Hunters Club, one of the few antler museums found in Central Wisconsin, located right downstairs from the grocery store!

Special Orders and Contact Information

Be sure to visit the Miller’s General Store Facebook page for great community shared recipes and previews for upcoming ads. You can also subscribe to their mailing list for additional recipes straight to your inbox.

To place special orders in the grocery store or to check product availability in the general store, call 608-666-2071.

Phone: 608-666-2071

Email: [email protected]

Website: Open Website

Address: 166 South Wisconsin St., Lyndon Station Wisconsin 53944

Price range: