Where’s Aldo JEM Award Ceremony from Wisconsin’s Department of Tourism

Jem Check Present in Mauston WI

Thank you to the Wisconsin Department of Tourism for their advice and support in helping to raise awareness of Greater Mauston as a great place to stay and play through our Where’s Aldo campaign.

The promotion was funded by room tax revenue from the Greater Mauston Tourism Association and by a Joint Effort Marketing Grant from the state Department of Tourism.

The Where’s Aldo promotion was a way to extend awareness of Greater Mauston and its brand - Naturally Connected - and is already clear that the promotion has achieved two major goals.

1) Using social media and targeted websites, the Where’s Aldo campaign has raised awareness of Greater Mauston as a place with outdoor activities that reflect the spirit of Aldo Leopold and his passions for conservation and sustainable recreation activities. 

With Facebook alone, the MaustonWI Facebook page reached over 63,000 people and Facebook Likes are up 11%. Web traffic increased by 92% and experienced a very low 14% bounce rate which demonstrates that people interacted with the website. More stats on the promotion will be available in the coming months.

2) The campaign has laid the groundwork for cooperation among the various municipalities and tourism assets in Juneau County, from Lyndon Station to Mauston to Elroy to Necedah to Juneau County Castle Rock Park. The partners who participated in this campaign will only grow stronger as  we continue to promote the Naturally Connected tourism brand we share.

A very special thanks to the campaign partners including Juneau County Economic Development Association, City of Mauston, City of Elroy, the City of Necedah and the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, the Village of Lyndon Station and the Aldo Leopold Foundation. 

The grant from the state and room tax revenue from the Greater Mauston Tourism Association have played a key role in raising awareness of the great outdoor activities available in Juneau County. Whether it’s  biking, boating, fishing, camping, wildlife viewing or canoeing, we think those activities exemplify the responsible enjoyment of nature embodied in the spirit of Aldo Leopold, a founder of the modern conservation movement.

We are thankful for the support of our state, our local partners and our residents.

We think Aldo would be pleased, too.

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